"Physical, emotional, and informational support to the mother before, during, and after childbirth."

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Support Team

A doula does not replace the care you receive from a physician, a midwife, or your nurses. Their job is to tend to your medical needs. My job is to care for your non-medical needs. In labor, you have many of both, and it is vital to meet all of your ever-changing needs as you welcome your new baby into your family. My goal is to strengthen the relationship you have with your chosen medical care provider, as I facilitate open, honest, and educated communication between you.

Partner Support

Throughout history women have supported women in childbirth. This is no secret. It was not until much more recently in our history that men have begun to venture into the birthing room to be present for the birth itself. What a wonderful opportunity it is for a father to be present when his new tiny child enters the world, opens his eyes, and takes his first breaths! What an incredible bonding opportunity for mother and father to experience the labor and birth together as a team!

Comfort Measures

As your doula, I come prepared with “tricks” and tools to help you cope with the emotional and physical rigors of labor. When I first began attending births many years ago, my doula bag was stocked full of tools and gadgets that I would bring to every birth. As my experience increased, I began to realize that the most important tools I can bring to a birth are my hands, my heart, and my presence.

My name is Jillian ‘Dooli’ Jolley, but you can call me Dooli the Doula! My passion for birth began when I was pregnant with my first child nearly two decades ago. I have since added another four children to my family, gained invaluable training and experience, and supported numerous families in their quest for a better birth.