Support Team

A doula does not replace the care you receive from a physician, a midwife, or your nurses. Their job is to tend to your medical needs. My job is to care for your non-medical needs. In labor, you have many of both, and it is vital to meet all of your ever-changing needs as you welcome your new baby into your family. My goal is to strengthen the relationship you have with your chosen medical care provider, as I facilitate open, honest, and educated communication between you.

A doula also does not replace the father other chosen birth partner. He or she is an extremely important member of the support team that simply cannot be replaced! In fact, I strive to strengthen this extremely important relationship by lessening the stress on the birth partner by being close-by with gentle reminders, explanations, and suggestions for how he or she can better meet your needs at any given time as those needs change and evolve throughout the progressing stages of labor. I help the partner understand the process, what is happening, what the mother may be feeling and why. I can help him or her to be as hands-on or as hands-off as they desired to be.

As your doula, I am also an integral part of your birth support team. I am there to physically support you and your partner through the rigors of labor and birth; emotionally support you and your partner as you prepare for the big day and in labor when things get difficult, the unknown looms, and hormones are flowing; provide you with ongoing information before labor begins and in labor as things progress and change, so that you can better understand the process, feel comfortable with your choices, and know what questions to ask and perhaps how to ask them. If circumstances should arise that are beyond your control, I will help you to understand what is happening and perhaps why it may be happening, know what your options are, and support you through whatever turns your labor and birth journey may take.

Your birth team will consist of several people that will help shape the experience that you will have. Who else do you want to be a part of this support team? Mother-in-law? Friend? All of your siblings? Any acquaintance with whom you have ever exchanged two words? Consider this very carefully. Your birth environment is your nest. It should be guarded, protected. It should be a safe environment where you don’t feel judged or pressured. It is important whom you chose to be a part of your support team. If you surround yourself with people who want to take over control, you will have no control. If you surround yourself with people who pity you or fear the process, it will undermine your efforts to be strong, powerful, and in control and to trust the process. However, if you surround yourself with strong, supportive people, you will feel strong and supported; you will be powerful and in control; you will know that your opinions, feelings, and desires matter; and you will welcome your baby into the world in a positive environment, regardless of what circumstances may arise that are beyond your control.