Partner Support

Throughout history women have supported women in childbirth. This is no secret. It was not until much more recently in our history that men have begun to venture into the birthing room to be present for the birth itself. What a wonderful opportunity it is for a father to be present when his new tiny child enters the world, opens his eyes, and takes his first breaths! What an incredible bonding opportunity for mother and father to experience the labor and birth together as a team!

Whether the mother’s partner is the baby’s father or another loved one, it can feel overwhelming and be difficult to fulfill the role as birth partner, despite eager preparation with childbirth classes and informative reading. Also, cultural traditions and expectations can prohibit a father from being actively and intimately involved in the process of labor and birth.

Partners are expected to become familiar with and retain a knowledge of such things as birth terminology, medical procedures, comfort measures, and hospital protocols, so they can not only support, but also advocate for the mother during the labor and birth. Having a doula present removes some of this burden from the (often exhausted) shoulders of the partner, allowing him or her to be as active a participant as they desire. A doula can help facilitate communication between the mother, partner, and their chosen care provider, allowing them to advocate for themselves and can explain the process as the journey of birth progresses and unfolds, reminding the partner of and modeling affective comfort measures for each stage.

While the experience of birth is a physical one, it is also an emotional and, to many, a spiritual one, as well. It is intense, exhausting, and exhilarating all at once. The doula’s calm reassurances, reminders, explanations, and example allow the partner the freedom to participate, rest, advocate, experience, comfort, support, and bond, all while being supported himself in the process and knowing that he has the knowledge, experience, and expertise of the doula always close at hand.

I’m excited to work with you and your partner to help you to achieve your better birth experience together.