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Dawn and baby Elexia

“I am the mother of 5 children and had the wonderful experience of being supported through labor and delivery by Dooli with my 3rd and 4th children. The difference between my first two deliveries (no doula) and the ones assisted by Dooli was night and day. First, she helped me feel more prepared before heading to the hospital. I had a better understanding of the different pain management options available to me, as well as the pros and cons of each. Since nurses have other job duties and shift changes, it eased my nerves a lot knowing that I had someone knowledgeable who would be focused on me and my experience the entire time. My husband also felt much more comfortable knowing that he could relax a little more and trust in Dooli’s experience to help us along. I chose to labor without the help of any pain medication, but changed my mind during labor with my third child. I felt I was having a hard time breathing slowly and just needed a little help calming down. Since we had talked about all the options ahead of time, Dooli knew exactly what to help me ask for, and I was able to get through delivery with no more problems. With my fourth child I succeeded in delivering completely naturally with no pain medication. The pain management techniques Dooli taught me made all the difference, and labor was super quick and easy. Even though she now lives too far away to have attended the birth of my fifth child, I still used the pain management techniques she taught me and was able to experience another medication-free delivery. I would highly recommend Dooli as doula, and often tell other women how wonderful doulas are in general based on my experiences with Dooli.”

– Dawn Hernandez

“I had back labor and Dooli helped tons! ” –Amanda Myler

“Having Dooli there really helped us through the extra hours of labor. She was great about noticing things and helping.” –Robert Myler

“I was very impressed that this doula was very supportive in patient’s labor, helping with pain control and allowing [the] patient and her husband to make [their] own decisions.” –Dr. George Gourley, DO

“We cannot imagine NOT having a doula. It was amazingly helpful and perfect for what we wanted.” –Cara Jean Means

Cruser with dad

Layne with baby Cruser

“Dooli Jolley was our doula for the birth of our son. This was our first child and we had little support since we moved to the United States from Canada and our family was far away. My Husband and I felt like we would need to find a person who could support both of us before and during the birth. I met with Dooli three times and she brought me many samples of different products I could use during my pregnancy and post partum. She shared a great deal of knowledge with me regarding epidurals, inductions, internal monitoring, and natural childbirth. Dooli was interested in my birth plan and also respected my choices even if they differed from her thoughts.”

“During labour at home Dooli made me lunch, assisted me in new positions to get comfortable, and taught my husband different massage techniques to alleviate the pain.

“At the hospital she made sure I always had something to drink, that I was comfortable, that I knew my options as the labour progressed and we ran into complications. Dooli stayed until my son and I were stable.

“I would recommend Dooli to others who are looking for a supportive caring person as a labour coach.”
–Lisa Marshall RN, BScN

“I always enjoy having a doula involved because they are an additional support to the mother in a very intense time. The more support, the better!”
–Jennifer Wright-Bennion, CNM

“My husband and I are so thankful for such a wonderful birth experience. We realized that after a failed epidural with our first child’s birth that we needed to be surrounded by encouraging and supportive people during the birth of our second child. Words cannot express how thankful we are for Dooli and all she did to make the birth of our baby boy the best we could have imagined. We were not very familiar with what a doula was or what they did prior to this experience. Now we will encourage everyone to consider having a doula and will recommend Dooli to all our expecting friends in the DFW area. It was so wonderful (and fun!) to labor at home with her right by our side, walking around the pond by our house and doing lunges up and down the street. She has such a gentle and reassuring presence, with such vast information and experience to draw from, that we felt confident and at peace during the whole process. While laboring in the birth pool, she was right by my side to hold my hand, cool my face with a washcloth, and guide me in my breathing and encourage me to keep going strong. My husband still gets tears in his eyes talking about the birth- it was incredible and truly a team effort. Again, all we can say over and over again is how thankful we are for such a sweet gift of a loving doula by our side. Dooli truly is so gifted in serving and loving on mamas (and dads) in labor.”

–Steven and Lacy Riewe, Baby Knox- Born May 6, 2014 at Harris Methodist Hospital- Ft. Worth